7 Shades #1

7 Shades #1


7 Shades is the brand new comic series from Pete Rogers and David Clifford. This is part 1 of a 4 issue mini-series.


This supernatural western follows the misadventures of Sammael Jehosephat Hicks, as he stumbles to find a way out from under the influence of his six outlaw half-brothers. The story is set within the godforsaken town of Seven Shades, which hides sinister secrets & unimaginable terrors. Nothing in the town seems to happen without the say so of Adixillo Sephera, the influential madame of the 7 Belle’s saloon and everything in Seven Shades seems inexplicably entwined with the destiny of our wayward hero.


In the first issue, Samm is tasked with saving his sickly sister Elsibeth – is he up to the task? Find out within!

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