What's Next...!?!?

Times are hard and there is a lot of uncertainty among shoppers & the high street shops.

As you know, I've always been very honest with my customers and have always provided a great service and very reasonable prices.

However I have to think about my personal and financial situation...

With the recent Brexit & Covid palaver, local traders / shops like ourselves have taken a heavy hit.

Not only we've had 3 lockdowns since April 2020 and the hardship of re-starting the business(es), we've had to endure rise in prices with suppliers, delays in delivery as items are being detained in customs, business rents and further bills... Plus keeping paying our mortgages, utility bills and hoping to have enough to put a meal on the table.

Thank God for the love of music, comics, goofy films and the loyality of my customers I've just about kept myself sane (although some will question my sanity).

It's great to have the customer base that I have, but I need to get more sales - what I do in a week should be done on an average day - so what do I do?

Shall I raise my prices and overcharge like HMV, Blue Banana, etc, etc? No that is not what I started this business for, I'm not about greed. Do I close the shop and just offer an online service? No - although I do a number of online sales, it's not enough to run as a full time business and more importantly the shop is a place for everyone to hang out, have a chat and feel that someone listens to them.

One option is to change my opening hours and stay open later than 4pm? What's your thoughts?

So, please help me to expand the customer base and sell more to keep open.

I don't want to close, but it's a daily thought...

Thank you for reading.

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