Tis The Season...

... OK, we know it's a bit too early - but

We've been advised by suppliers that we need to start planning / ordering now due to recent delays with stock being kept in customs, etc.

So if there is any products you are looking for, please contact us asap to avoid any disappointment. We will advise of costs, deposits, expected delivery times upon request.

We highly recommend that you keep up to date on the blog page as we will be advertising a lot of new items that will be available for pre-order, etc - we still have the NU4U2DSCVR section, but that may (or may not being going).

Here are some ideas for you!

From the world of The Little Prince comes this magical resin statue, it is approx. 12 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.

ETA : November 2021

SRP : £16.99


This is one action figure Dragon Ball fans will not want to miss! Son Goku, one of the world's post popular characters, joins the S.H.Figurarts line, perfectly replicated down to the Chinese characters on his clothing. Incorporates cutting-edge action figure technology to let you replicate Son Goku's trademark battle poses. Includes 2 left and 4 right optional hands, plus 3 optional expression parts.

ETA : December 2021

SRP : £37.99

SKU : BTN20877-8

We're coming clean. We've been cutting corners.

We've miniaturised our new creations with Weta Workshop's in-house shrink ray.

In our defence, the task was impossible. Do you know how tiny our hands would have to be to sculpt these mini masterpieces?

Sure, there've been hiccups along the way. Enshrinkenating can be uncomfortable. But it's a small price to pay for the marvellously minute detail. All in all, it's come off without a hitch. Pretty much.

Until last week.

Mid-operation, a lab intern (now known as Professor Elbows) bumped the machine's control panel, shifting the shrink target from "itty-bitty" all the way down to "teeny-weeny." A ludicrous reduction in scale!

The obvious course of action is to pretend we did it on purpose. Be sure to delete the preceding paragraphs from all media releases and only issue the following official by-line:

From the scientific, un-clumsy geniuses at Weta Labs come MICRO EPICS. Microscopic marvels that are definitely supposed to look like that, no matter what you've heard!


- Stylised figure

- 2 points of articulation

- Material: PVC

- Comes in a stackable Perspex box with rotating turntable!

ETA : October 2021

SRP : £18.99

SKU : WETA104902974

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