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Jeremy Gluck of The Barracudas' Swansea band The Yohawks (2008-10) are the debut release of new SWND Records imprint SWND Archive, dedicated to preserving the lost and overlooked music of Wales.

Jeremy Gluck performs solo classics such as 'Episode In A Town' and 'Time Undone' originally featured on the indie supergroup cult album 'I Knew Buffalo Bill'.

Covers of songs by Alan Vega (Suicide), and The Standells.

The Barracudas have a huge international following and 'I Knew Buffalo Bill' is considered a pioneer of the and alt.americana genres, renowned especially in Italy and Spain.


Formed in 2006 by Jeremy Williams, co-founder of ace Swansea combo Superczar – whose definitive compilation of previously unreleased material is the parallel Archive launch release to this one – The Yohawks provided Jeremy Gluck, Barracudas’ frontman and established cult solo artist, with a band to perform reinventions of songs spanning his time. Featuring, along with Williams, players from The Death of Chapman Baxter – guitarist Matt Ellis, bassist Liam S. wolf, and drummer Ray Boothby - The Yohawks live performances, described by one devotee as “a cross between The Patti Smith Group and Ornette Coleman”, were never adequately captured in the studio, but through a retrospective lens the seven tracks comprising this album, including live, create a sonic rendezvous with a short-lived, little-known, but by a few much-loved collision of classic songs such as covers of Alan Vega’s ‘I Believe’ and The Standells’ ‘Mr. Nobody’ with caustically post-punk originals including ‘Sally Suicide’ and ‘Dead Ghost’, featuring a remix of the former by The Diodes’ John Catto. Among the other songs included, a powerful rendering of ‘Time Undone’, originally from Gluck’s 1987 cult supergroup classic, ‘I Knew Buffalo Bill’, and ‘Episode In A Town’, from its successor ‘Burning Skulls Rise’ (covered by Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard), ‘The Yohawks’ is a blurred snapshot of a band wearing its guts on its sleeve, loud, unruly, and in moments of improvisation bordering beyond rock and roll.

Cover artwork by renowned French illustrator Jean-Phillipe Chabot

Release Date : May 20, 2022

Jeremy Gluck: Vocals

Jeremy Williams: Guitar

Matt Ellis: Guitar

Liam Shaolin Wolf: Bass

Ray Boothby: Drums

1. Episode In A Town (Live)

2. Dead Ghost (Murgit Mix)

3. Sally Suicide (John Catto 'Self-immolation' Mix)

4. Mr Nobody

5. Episode In A Town (Live)

6. I Believe (Live 'Binaural' Mix)

7. Time Undone (Live)

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