The Jazz Butcher – "Dr Cholmondley Repents: A-sides, B-Sides & Seasides" out 12/11 via Fire Records

Ltd edition Bookback CD

A new four CD box set gathering A-sides, the would-be hits along with B-sides, tangential 12-inch tracks (the C-sides), and an excellent session for Los Angeles radio station KCRW from 1989.

Includes over a dozen indie chart hits including ‘Southern Mark Smith’, ‘Girl Go’, ‘The Human Jungle’, ‘16 Years’ plus a host of truly eclectic Butcher tunes from his early Glass recordings through his time at Creation.

This collection follows the much-praised ‘The Wasted Years’ covering his time at Glass and ‘The Violent Years’ at Creation expanded CD sets. An essential alternative world view, tracing pop culture through the kaleidoscope of the ‘80s and beyond, filled with a unique brand of wit and wisdom.

“The Jazz Butcher is one of the most brilliant incisive pop writers that Britain has produced since the glory days of Ray Davies and Pete Townshend” Alan McGee, Creation.

“Northampton’s cheekiest troubadour is best known for his twisted, obsessive songs. Tunes which focus a little unhealthily on dead authors, dead actors, elephants, tigers, chickens and Mark E Smith.” Louder Than War

Disc 1 - A Sides

1 Southern Mark Smith (Original 45)

2 The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula (B-side of Mark Smith)

3 Marnie (Miaow Mix)

4 Roadrunner (12" Version)

5 Real Men (12" Version)

6 The Human Jungle (12" Extended Mix)

7 Hard (12" Version)

8 Angels (12" Version)

9 Spooky (12" Extended Mix)

10 New Invention (12" Version)

11 Girl Go (12” mix)

12 We Love You (the Great Awakening) (12" B-side)

13 Sweetwater (Australian 7" single)

14 Sixteen Years (CD single Version)

Disc 2 - B Sides

1 Rain (Roadrunner B-side)

2 D.R.I.N.K. (Roadrunner B-side)

3 Water (What A Nice Way To Turn 17 Compilation)

4 The Jazz Butcher Meets the Prime Minister (Real Men 12" B-side)

5 Death Dentist (Human Jungle B-side)

6 The Devil is my Friend (Human Jungle B-side)

7 South America (Distressed Gentlefolk CD only track)

8 Grooving in the Bus Lane (Hard 12" B-side)

9 Partytime (Hard 12" B-side)

10 Mersey (Angels 12" B-side)

11 Blame (Spooky 12" B-side)

12 Excellent! (Girl Go 12" Version)

13 President Chang (Von Daemmerung remix)

14 Vodka Girls (Abus Dangereux magazine compilation)

15 Truck of Fear (Sixteen Years CD Single Version)

Disc 3 - C-Sides (Or Bottom of the Barrel)

1 Conspiracy (12" Version)

2 Forever (Conspiracy 12" Version)

3 Peter Lorre (Conspiracy 12" B-side)

4 Big Old Wind (Conspiracy 12" B-side)

5 City of Night (50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong compilation)

6 Vienna Song (Hard 12" B-side)

7 Lost in France (Gunfire and Pianos Compilation)

8 The Hairbrush and the Tank

9 Thing (Hard 12" B-side)

10 Rebecca Wants her Bike Back (Angels 12" B-side)

11 Almost Brooklyn (New Invention 12" B-side)

12 May I? (Speedy Gonzalez 12" B-side)

13 Affection (12" Version)

14 Over You (Speedy Gonzalez 12" B-side)

15 Girls Who Keep Goldfish/Sweet Jane (Marnie 12" B-side)

16 Cowgirl Fever (Marnie 12" B-side)

17 Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Speedy Gonzalez 12" B-side)

Disc 4 - Seaside

(Live on KCRW, Santa Monica, December 1989)

1 New Invention (Live KCRW Session 1989)

2 Chickentown (Live KCRW Session 1989)

3 Angels (Live KCRW Session 1989)

4 Bad Dream Lover (Live KCRW Session 1989)

5 Burglar of Love (Live KCRW Session 1989)

6 Girl Go (Live KCRW Session 1989)

7 Mister Odd (Live KCRW Session 1989)

8 The Jazz Butcher Meets the Prime Minister (Live KCRW Session 1989)

9 Moscow Drug Club (Live KCRW Session 1989)

10 Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present (Live KCRW Session 1989)

11 King of Joy (Live KCRW Session 1989)

12 Looking for Lot 49 (Live KCRW Session 1989)

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