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The Future...

Good Afternoon All,

OK we are in a position where we need to consider the future of the business (as a retail unit and / or online store).

Although we have done alright since we started the shop in April of this year, we still not making enough to carry on.

We are a small business - a sole trader who's invested his own money into the business, It's understood that a small business takes roughly 18 months to develop and make a profit so that those who work for it get a small salary. Sad to say that this is not the case and with the new year coming up and the trend of retail during January to March, we need to be realistic and consider what to do.

As the owner of the business I do not want to give up as it is my passion - plus a lot of sweat & tears have gone into this project. Like others out there I do have further plans, which I would love to develop for the business. However the figures don't add up...

Although I'm looking at other options which could lead to the closure of the shop (and maybe the online side of the business), I'm still putting every effort in making the business work.

I don't want to this to end, that is why I'm not giving up without a fight, but I need the support of customers old & new. The website is going through a re-design, we are looking at doing mailing lists, Street Team, Exclusive Membership plus more.

Within the area of Carmarthenshire, RED STAR 13 provides an unique store. Stocking official merchandise from the World of Horror, Music, TV & Film plus additional quirky gifts & clothing - plus we have a great customer service and extremely low prices.

So what else can we do? We have advertised, but now our funds are gone and we are stuck in a catch-22 situation?!?!

So I'm calling on you, my loyal customers & friends to help. The best promotion is word of mouth. Please can you all share the information about the shop / business / website? We can provide posters / flyers for you to post to noticeboards, etc.

We offer CASH / CARD payments, plus pre-orders via the web and telephone. Plus delivery service is an option.

Don't let RED STAR 13 be another "oh yeah I remember them, what happened to them?". Let's make sure we are a shop that has staying power, one that people are proud to have in Ammanford and one that gives back to the community by developing and creating future jobs.

I won't apologise for this post. It's something that needs to be said as another unique shop will be lost in the graveyard of retail shops from Ammanford.

Thanks, JJ (Owner & Driving Force).

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