SWND just released Maybe by Freshwater West

The origins of Freshwater West go back to the mid-1990s when Dave and Paul formed the deeply funky acid jazz combo Blue Train. They went on to have many releases on Phat Jam and 2Kool, often with Natalia as vocalist and with jazz trumpet maestro Steve Waterman as featured guest artists. By the time their Masters At Work released single Get Movin’ hit the US dance charts in 1997 Natalia had become a full-time band member.

Since then Dave has branched out into the plastic arts, exhibiting his pop paintings in London. The way he approaches art influences his songwriting and performing style, always bringing an edge and freshness to the mix while absorbing from the culture around him. Dave is a real foodie, a discerning moviegoer and general culture vulture. His mighty, elastic bass riffs power the band along from underneath whilst his guitar lines add a distinctive jazzy flavour.

Ever-curious and endlessly eclectic, evolutionary Paul is somewhat of a techno legend in his own right. His solo releases Test Pattern and Go on Dave Angel’s Rotation imprint were huge underground hits, and he has had many releases on labels such as Rising High, Inspiral, and Bamboo Radical. He has exhibited his films widely in the UK and Japan, produced music for commercial film and TV... more


Released May 12, 2022

Natalia Farran Vocals

Dave Westmore Bass, guitars, vocals

Paul Hazel Guitar, keyboard, percussion, programming

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