Revolution Rabbit Deluxe, Pout Via SWND Records

POUT is the second single released from Revolution Rabbit Deluxe's fourth album, The Great Divide. The album represents a whole new change in direction: more mature; more thoughtful; and also more reflective.

POUT is a landmark as it is the first recording of a song written for RRD by the bass player, Ben Davies. Its infectious post-punk joy and exuberance is introduced by a scream and the pounding of a floor tom. This energy is maintained throughout the song. As Ben explains, "the song came after a jam session early in 2020. During the instrumental, I sang, “DO THE POUT!” The remaining lyrics fell into place after that." So what is the POUT? "I think it's the feeling we all have had as children and can still have as adults. A child crying over not getting ice cream, and grown men and women who feel entitled to have the world revolve around them like they're the hero in their own movie." Prepare for the dance moves on Tik Tok. Or simply make up your own dance moves. Dance in public or private. We won't tell.

Further info can be found on our EPK, available at:

Released April 22, 2022

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe are:

Rev. Rabbit - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Ben Davies - Bass, Vocals

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