Relaxer - "Concealer" out 15/10 via Planet Mu

Daniel Martin-McCormick, formerly Ital, now Relaxer, returns to Planet Mu with his new album ’Concealer'. The album drifts towards hyper digital sounds and marks Daniel’s return to using a computer with hardware. Combining the ultra-artifice of the digital and its glossy, pure surface qualities, Daniel comments that it “gives the sounds this sickly, shiny dimensionality which is un-human. This decoupling from the human-ness of sound means the sounds can speak in their own special way. Of course, all sounds can speak in their way, but a vivid, digital, melty synth speaks in a way that feels more autonomous, or less tied to historical/encultured musical gestures. It hovers in the air and melts and glides. It's a little gross.” His return to Planet Mu has been long overdue. the new record is an expansion and development of the ultra-artificial, hybrid digital contortions of his previous material. Welcome back. Tracklisting: 2LP A: 1. Let The Walls Drip (ft. Kahee Jeong) 2. Mello B: 1. Narcissus By The Pool 2. The Dusk Singers 3. Traps And Lures C: 1. Excision In Androgyne 2. Island Life (ft. Emilie Weibel) 3. Helical Phase Secreting D: 1. Twins 2. Concealer

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