Mini-figures Stranger Things

One of our technicians accidentally opened a gate to the Upside Down. Luckily our MINI EPICS team enlisted the help of Eleven and her supernatural powers to save us just in time. While we're busy restocking our supply of waffles, be sure to stock your shelves with this kick-butt kid: When you have an extra-dimensional monster hunting you down, this is the MINI EPIC you want on your side.

Make your shelf even stranger and display Eleven with our new MINI EPIC Demogorgon.

Product features:

- Premium vinyl collectibles, stylized and designed by artists of film

- True representations of the character by capturing their likeness, soul and personality

- This character is inspired by the original IP, displaying a respectful stylization of their iconic expression, posture, props and pairings with companions

- Highly detailed

- Approximate 1:10th scale

ETA : July 2022. SRP : £44.00


What has long slender arms, a fleshy flower for a head and rows of carnivorous teeth? Our cutest new MINI EPIC of course!

Our MINI EPICS took a stranger turn when our sculptors found themselves in the Upside Down. Armed with nothing but their tablets and a handful of dice, they returned, mostly intact, with the mighty Demogorgon. But worry not, this MINI EPIC is perfectly harmless. We think.

On second thought, you'd better pair it up with our new MINI EPIC Eleven, just to be safe.

Product features:

- Premium, stylised vinyl figure;

- Main antagonist from the 1st season of Stranger Things;

- Teeth bared, ready for its next victim;

- Sculpted by Weta Workshop's MINI EPICS Art Director, Mauro Santini.

ETA : July 2022. SRP : £44.00

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