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2020, The Year Of RED STAR 13

Evening Geeks, Freaks & Fanatics!

So today is the 3rd of January 2020!!!

It only seemed like yesterday I finished school & my GCSEs, but that was 3 decades ago!!!

The last year has been a hard one for myself. I suffer badly from depression & anxiety, which I've done from my teens - hence my love of music, comics & film - this was my escapism which helped me through my daily life. However during the beginning of the year my mental health was so bad that I had to make the decision of moving away from "the boring, but financial secure" office job. A risky choice, but I've always had the vision of having my own store selling what I sell now (& more!).

I'm proud to say that after 8 hard months I'm still going. I know that I'm not financially healthy as before, but I'm much better with my mental health - which is far more important that money & expensive items that "media and the like" make us believe is what we need.

I hope that 2020 betters than last, the shop becomes Ammanford's greatest success story and just general happiness for myself, my family & friends.

Thank you who have contributed to the shop to date, but we need more to know about us - so spread the word and pop in when you can, even if you just want a chat!

JJ x

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