2 New Releases by The Courettes & The Milkshakes on Damaged Goods

10” Mini LP featuring outtakes and re-recorded B-sides from the 'Back In Mono' sessions!!! Back in Mono, The Courettes´ third album, was critically acclaimed worldwide and made it onto numerous best -of -the-year lists in 2021. If, like us, you can’t get enough of Back in Mono, here's some good news! Back in Mono - B-sides & Outtakes is coming out at the end of May, just in time for the band's UK tour! Bringing some more “spit ´n´ snarl garage-meets-Phil Spector pop” (Mojo) in three brand new unreleased tracks.Look forward to hearing the three new smash tunes 'Daydream', 'Tough Like That' and 'Talking About My Baby', all wrapped in a new mix by Wall of Sound aficionado Seiki Sato (Japan) and produced by the hit wizards Søren Christensen & C.T. Levine.Also included are the three non-album B-sides from the band's most recent singles. These B-sides have been newly spruced up with extra instrumentation.

Making up the eight tracks is the inclusion of a Courettes rarity - 'So What' was previously only available on a split single with The Jackets released on Chaputa Records back in January.


1. Daydream

2. Tough Like That

3. Talking About My Baby

4. Last Dance With You

5. Only Happy When You're Gone

6. Killer Eyes

7. The Boy I Love

8. So What


A boxed set of 4 CDs featuring four classic albums by The Milkshakes. The four albums in the set are - Talking 'Bout Milkshakes/

After School Session/Thee Knights Of Trashe/The Milkshakes Revenge!. THE MILKSHAKES were mainly Mickey Hampshire (Git/Vox); Billy Childish (Git/Vox); Bruce Brand (Drums); Russ Wilkins (Bass). When punk rock group the Pop Rivets broke up in 1980, Billy Childish joined forces with Mickey Hampshire, a Pop Rivets roadie who had been performing in a group called Mickey and the Milkshakes with his cohort Banana Bertie. The two began writing songs together and the group released their first LP, Talking ’bout Milkshakes! in 1981. With Childish and Hampshire sharing guitar and vocal duties, Bruce Brand on drums, and Bertie on bass (later replaced by Russ Wilkins then John Agnew), the Milkshakes’ sound was a primitive blend of British beat groups, like the early Kinks at their toughest, and hard-rocking American guitar instrumentalists like Link Wray. This sound came to be known as the “Medway sound” and the core members have been playing a variation on it throughout their whole careers. The Milkshakes were a very prolific group, recording nine records in their four years together, and the band was very much a blend of Childish’s primitive songwriting and Hampshire’s more melodic leanings. The group also masterminded and backed a Medway girl group, the Delmonas.When Mickey left The Milkshakes in 1984 Childish, Brand and Agnew went on to form Thee Mighty Caesars. Mickey and Bruce now play in The Masonics along with Ludella Black from The Del Monas, and Russ lives in Scotland and fronts the Wildebeests as well as being Lord Rochester.


1. She'll Be Mine

2. Pretty Baby

3. For She

4. I Want'cha For My Little Girl

5. Ruhrgebeat

6. After Midnight

7. Bull's Nose

8. Shed Country

9. Don't Love Another

10. Tell Me Where's That Girl

11. Can'tcha See

12.Love You Through the Whole Night

13. Nothing You Can Say or Do

14. I Say You Lie

15. Shimmy Shake

16. I Can Tell

17. Tell Me Child

18. Goodbye Girl

19. More Honey

20. Soldiers of Love

21. El Salvador

22. Let's Stomp

23. Hide and Scatter

24. Jaguar

25. That Girl of Mine

26. You Can Only Lose

27. Little Minnie

28. Cadillac

29. I'll Use Evil

30. What You've Got

31. Girl, It No Good

32. I'm Out of Control

33. I Dreamt Last Night (That I Lay Dead)

34. Bill's Beat (Instrumental)

35. Old Time Shimmy

36. Can't Seem to Love That Girl

37. Club M.I.C. (Instrumental)

38. Despite the Danger

39. You're Asking Too Much

40. Cassandra

41. Green Hornet

42. Let Me Love You

43. I Want You

44. If I Saw You

45. Graveyard Words

46. Boys

47. Little Girl Be Good

48. Pipeline

49. She Tells Me She Loves Me

50. Little Girl (Mumble The eg)

51. Every Girl I Meet

52. The One I Get

53. Baby What's Wrong

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