• 1.5-2Kg Salt Aroma Lamp.jpg


    1.5-2Kg Salt Aroma Lamp

    A 1.5-2kg Himalayan salt rock aroma lamp. Place some water and a few drops of fragrance oil in the glass dish in the top of the lamp and the heat from the bulb will warm up the oil.

    H:17cm W:10cm D:10cm

    SKU: EI_40713

  • 1.5-2Kg Salt Lamp.jpg


    1.5-2Kg Salt Lamp

    A 1.5 - 2kg salt lamp. 100% natural himalayan salt. The size and shape of this product may vary due to the natural properties of himalayan salt.

    H:10cm W:10cm D:17cm

    SKU: EI_38611

  • 12-15kg Salt Lamp.jpg


    12-15kg Salt Lamp

    A large 12-15 KG salt lamp. Comes complete with cable & bulb. 100% natural Himalayan salt

    H:35cm W:18cm D:18cm

    SKU: EI_57525

  • 15-20Kg Salt Lamp.jpg


    15-20Kg Salt Lamp

    Salt lamp made from 100% himalayan salt sourced in Pakistan. Size and weight may vary as this is a natural product.

    H:32cm W:24cm D:24cm

    SKU: EI_35517

  • 3-4kg Salt Lamp.jpg


    3-4kg Salt Lamp

    A 3-4kg salt lamp. The size and shape of this product may vary. 100% natural himalayan salt.

    H:25cm W:13cm D:13cm

    SKU: EI_39311

  • 6-8kg Salt Lamp.jpg


    6-8kg Salt Lamp

    A 6-8kg salt lamp. The size and shape of this product may vary. 100% natural Himalayan salt

    H:32cm W:18cm D:18cm

    SKU: EI_39411

  • Bath Salt.jpg


    Bath Salt

    A 100 gram bag of Pink Himalayan Bath Salt used to soften and smooth the skin, detoxify, reduce pain and inflammation and relaxes the whole body.

    H:15cm W:10cm D:1cm

    SKU: SO_40813

  • Heart Shaped Salt Soap.jpg


    Heart Shaped Salt Soap

    A heart shaped bar of soap made with 100% pure Himalayan salt which has natural antibacterial properties.

    H:6cm W:6cm D:3cm

    SKU: SO_40613

  • Himalayan Salt Inhaler With Salt.jpg


    Himalayan Salt Inhaler With Salt

    Pure Himalayan Salt Inhaler with salt.Salt inhalation has been used to boost overall respiratory strength and lung capacity.

    H:13cm W:5cm D:5cm

    SKU: SI_66635

  • Large White USB.jpg


    Large White USB Colour Changing Lamp

    Large white usb salt lamp with colour changing bulbs. The size and shape of this product may vary.

    H:18cm W:11cm D:10cm

    SKU: EI_60111

  • Natural USB Salt Lamp.jpg


    Natural USB Salt Lamp

    A natural coloured salt lamp powered by USB. The size and shape of this product may vary.

    H:11cm W:7cm D:7cm

    SKU: EI_38711

  • Pyramid White Usb Salt Lamp.jpg


    Pyramid White Usb Salt Lamp

    This soothing pyramid shaped salt lamp is the perfect desk accessory as it can be connected to computers by USB. The lamp softly changes through a sequence of colours and the LED bulb lasts for approx 5,000 to 10,000 hours.

    H:8cm W:5cm D:5cm

    SKU: EI_27102

  • Salt Lamp Oil Burner.jpg


    Salt Lamp Oil Burner

    A wonderful salt lamp design oil burner. The candle sits in the centre of the salt lamp and above is a metal holder to place the glass in, to hold the fragrance oil.


    This item can also be used as a wax melt burner however it is advisable to consider the size and depth of the bowl when adding wax to ensure it will not overrun the edges when melted.

    H:16cm W:10cm D:10cm

    SKU: OB_84112

  • Salt Soap.jpg


    Salt Soap

    A bar of soap made with 100% pure Himalayan salt which has natural antibacterial properties. This soap is a great chemical-free alternative to other soaps. This soap is perfect for exfoliating body and feet or for use as a natural deodrant. Wrap in a soft cloth if using soap on sensitive skin.

    H:8.5cm W:5cm D:2.5cm

    SKU: SO_40513

  • Salt Tealight Holder.jpg


    Salt Tealight Holder

    100% Natural Himalayan salt double tea light holder. Size and colour of product may vary due to its natural properties.

    H:12cm W:20cm D:10cm

    SKU: CH_66535

  • Single Salt Candle Holder.jpg


    Single Salt Candle Holder

    100% natural Himalayan Salt tealight holder. Holds a single tealight in the centre. The size and shape of this product may vary.

    H:9cm W:9cm D:9cm

    SKU: CH_38911

  • Spare Salt Lamp Cable.jpg


    Spare Salt Lamp Cable

    A replacement salt lamp cable, for our ever popular salt lamps.

    H:150cm W:7cm D:7cm

    SKU: EI_44835

  • White Colour Changing Usb Salt Lamp.jpg


    White Colour Changing USB Salt Lamp

    A white colour changing himalyan salt lamp powered by usb. The size and shape of this product may vary. Great product to be placed on a desk next to a computer to purify the air.

    H:10cm W:5cm D:5cm

    SKU: EI_38811

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